Hello there!

I’m Renée, thanks for stopping by 👋.
If you'd like to work together, I'm currently open to contract/freelance opportunities. The best way to reach me is by e-mail.

Most recently, I was a Product Designer at Eventbrite. While there, I learned how to scale our design system through several acquisitions, a global design team, new product launches, and a company re-brand. I also created a native design system to give our mobile engineers and designers the same ability to build quickly, consistently, and with speed that our web teams had. Before joining the design systems team, I had the opportunity to re-design heavily trafficked event organizer pages and work on our new consumer browse experience.

Before that I was designer #1 at the software development agency Gigster. There, I spent my day to day working with world class teams creating products for companies like Johnson & Johnson, Fidelity, and Digit.